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Arjen Lamé
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I am a professional idiot who draws silly things for your childish amusement.

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Here is something that I have been wanting to write about but didn't find the time and motivation to do so. But it is something that I need to get off my chest.

It's not much of a stretch to say that I'm a gamer. I've been playing video games since the early 90s and I still like to play them to this day, though not as much as I used to because adult responsibilities or something. I remember eagerly waiting for my monthly gaming magazine to be delivered so that I could learn what new games were coming out. The role of the gaming press was very clear-cut; it simply informed consumers about the market. This wasn't perfect, but it was very useful as a tool for consumers in a world without the Internet.

But then the Internet came along and it didn't take long for me to cancel my subscription in favor of using the Internet. The early gaming press seemed pretty much a continuation of what the magazines used to do. If there was a game I considered buying, I would check a few sites to see what they had to say, and more importantly, to see if there was any footage out there.

By the year 2010, I almost got all my gaming news exclusively from YouTube. Why wouldn't you? When you can actually see the game and its mechanics in action, instead of having it described to you, why would you bother with written reviews unless there is a specific element in the game that needs a bit more explaining. By that time, I didn't even knew Kotaku was a gaming website, as they seem to be talking about anything but gaming. It drove me even further from gaming sites since they seem to have lost their utility.

And then #GamerGate happened.

Everything started to make sense. Gaming sites had become more and more irrelevant as the distance between producers and consumers shrunk. In order to survive, the gaming press found a new source of revenue; click bait. Controversy sells, and these sites make millions by feeding us bullshit about some perceived "problematic" phenomenon of the month. And who is more eager to get outraged than SJWs, the self-proclaimed protectors of the justice of the Internet.

The sad thing is that the by releasing the "Gamers are dead" articles, they have essentially created the controversy that creates more controversy, as they effectively put gamers against those who they have convinced to fight their battle. They have turned us into the product, the views that the advertisers pay for. They don't give a shit about content; all that matters is that you click that link.
Unfortunately for the gaming press, the "Gamers are dead" articles may turn out to be their fatal error in the long run, as it destroyed the last thread of credibility they may have had and now this demographic is actively going out of their way to not visit their shitty click bait sites. What pushed me into #GamerGate, aside from the "Gamers are dead" articles, was the mass censorship that came from those who support the corrupt press, something they still seem very keen to do to this day.

Notice how I didn't spent a single word on feminism, women, misogyny or harassment up until this point and the story still makes sense? If you think #GamerGate is a harassment campaign against women in gaming you are severely misinformed. Do you honestly think thousands of people in the span of almost half a year would go through all this effort just to keep women out of the industry? For a hate campaign against women in gaming I sure do see #GamerGate supporters talk a lot about shitty gaming sites, the antics our opponents use to silence us and, well, anything but a concentrated effort to push women out of gaming.

And speaking of the narrative that the opponents of #GamerGate is trying to push, it doesn't make any goddamn sense to me. According to them, we're all white straight men, even going as far as to suggest that the hashtag #NotYourShield, specifically created to contest this notion, is just a bunch of sock puppets created by white straight men. Way to dehumanize the people you claim to fight for! This is in stark contrast to my childhood when a lot of classmates that played video games were of a wide variety of ethnicities, and one of the most avid gamers I knew was a girl. And this was in the fucking 90s, long before all this was even an issue.

What I noticed in this whole mess is a stratification on the Internet between those who abide by traditional values of the Internet such as anonymity and freedom of speech at the risk of having to deal with trolls and uncomfortable ideas, and SJWs who absolutely hate the idea of free speech and anonymity and want to replace the meritocracy of ideas with one that is entirely based around your social status, including your perceived "privilege"; to make the Internet a safe space for themselves.

Remember this picture I posted a few days back?

You can't kill an idea by TheArtrix

It wasn't exclusively aimed at the #CharlieHebdo shootings, though I've seen SJWs go as far as to defend the killings. #GamerGate is probably going to disappear in due time. But the idea behind #GamerGate and its overall mindset isn't going to go away any time soon, no matter how much you try to suppress it. It will be there, keeping an eye on the gaming press, and by extension the mainstream press that is covering their asses for obvious self-interest.

If the massive protest for free speech has shown anything, it's that people do not like being told that they are not allowed to say the things they want to express. Attempts to create block lists backfire. Using racism to combat racism does not end racism. Claiming more equality than others obviously leads to less equality. Removing gender from classrooms is dehumanizing. These are all things that are in conflict with judging people as individuals on their own merits, and gaming is one of the most merit-centric activities out there. I don't care what you are in a game, whether you are a player or someone who worked on it, what matters is the result.

The kicker is that given the low level of entry into the gaming industry, combined with things like kickstarter (pun intended), is that getting the kind of game out according the specifications of SJWs is realistically within reach. I don't give a shit that games like Depression Quest and Gone Home exist, that is the beauty of capitalism; you are free not to buy something. "But hey, that requires effort and competing with the established market, we can't have that! Let's force developers to comply with our demands instead".

What the opposition of #GamerGate wants, most of all, is for you to shut up and accept the social order they support. Fuck that, I just wrote a wall of text, and it's not going anywhere.
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What do you think about Rosetta's Philae probe landing on Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko?  Remember, Rosalina (Super Mario Galaxy) is known as Rosetta in Japan.
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It's is very awesome considering that insane amount of math and precision that was required to make it happen. Unfortunately, it is being overshadowed by this discussion about a shirt, which is really sad.

It is neat that the vessel is named Rosetta, and considering that it is the alternate name for Rosalina, even a bit poetic. I chalk it down to coincidence, though; Rosetta isn't as rare of a name as Rosalina.
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I'm fairly sure that bicycle of yours was taken by the local SJWs to find some way of being a bitch to you. Also, it probably oppresses people who can't ride bicycles or whatever.
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If that's the case, no amount of passive-aggressive tactics keeps me from spending a small portion of the money that I own to acquire a new bicycle. Of course, I do this so I can continue to oppress minorities because as a cis-gendered white man, that is expected of me.
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